…And Then You Die of Dysentery

On a recent episode of the Perfect Chaos Podcast, I referenced a book that Ronda had gifted me. This book was entitled …And Then You Die of Dystentery by Lauren Reeves. For those of you that grew up on Oregon Trail, this book is full of lessons in adulting from the Oregon Trail. What is even more interesting about all of this…just about 3 weeks ago, I found an emulator to play Oregon Trail even on today’s system’s, and yes I died…twice.

After the author briefly discusses her fate with the historic game, she starts with daily tributes to the game, and translates it what we can see as adults. On the first lesson the author states “The trail to Oregon is very risky, and there’s a chance you might not make it. But if you stay in Missouri you could suffer an even worse fate…a serious case of FOMO.” What is your Missouri, and what is your fear of missing out attributed to. Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your education, go to another school district, start coaching, opening a new club, or looking to go to an administrator role?

This is something that Ronda has asked me lately. What are you going to do when you grow up? I look for opportunities to grow and be ready for any assignment that may be tossed my direction. From my roles in retail management, being the youngest in my region to become a manager, to the youngest in the company to ever be granted the opportunity to open a new store to joining the fire service, going on to the paramedic program, joining the military and seeking the opportunity to teach. With each opportunity, I have left my Missouri and heading down the Oregon trail. Some of the opportunities are like attempting to Ford the River, or having to barter with those on the trail with us, but they help guide us on this pathway to achieve what we are meant for.

So what is your Missouri, and what is your FOMO? Are you where you want to be in education, or do you have goals and aspirations to increase yourself in preparation of your students. Always be ready to accept the next turn. Some are going to be difficult and may even turn over our wagon and we lose some of our Oxen, but thankfully, we have great doctors for when we are faced with dysentery!

Keep on your journey, even if it looks like a perfect chaos

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