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Learning happens when all the things come together in what can only be described as “Perfect Chaos.” Join us as we look at what is going on in education right now and how we can keep finding our perfect chaos. We will cover education from Kindergarten to Post-Doc, pencil and paper to Ed Tech, CTE to Academic, philosophy to practice, and a little of everything in between while having some fun with our particular brand of perfect chaos as we navigate our little slice of perfect chaos. Thanks for visiting!

News and Themes

So…. you may have seen that we are back at the podcast. This time we are trying something new. Video. That’s right, now you can watch me roll my eyes at David right there on YouTube. I am also working on getting us several episodes ahead and getting the TikTok rolling with some new content.…

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Quotes, Habits, and Apps

Do you like a good quote? I love them, and think we can learn a ton from them. Quotes made by the people around us, quotes made by our family and friends, quotes made in history, quotes that helped to shape the world, etc. A few years ago, I had a friend that had books…

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What’s your excitement?

We have hit that time of the year. The one where the odds of getting a snow day anytime soon is pretty slim (at least where we are); Spring Break is close enough to feel like you can grab hold of it but far enough away to feel like we are never going to get…

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We’re back, Take 2

You may find yourself asking, what is happening with Perfect Chaos. Well, we have a little news to share…. That’s right. We are back. While we had somethings that had to take priority, we are now able to focus on the podcast again and make sure that we are getting new content put out there…

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