Welcome to Perfect Chaos!

Learning happens when all the things come together in what can only be described as “Perfect Chaos.” Join us as we look at what is going on in education right now and how we can keep finding our perfect chaos. We will cover education from Kindergarten to Post-Doc, pencil and paper to Ed Tech, CTE to Academic, philosophy to practice, and a little of everything in between while having some fun with our particular brand of perfect chaos as we navigate our little slice of perfect chaos. Thanks for visiting!

Pursuing Perfection

It is estimated that the average classroom teacher makes over 1500 decisions per day in the classroom that are impactful. You know these decisions; they are the ones that go beyond should we go left or right out of the classroom to head to the cafeteria and what color post it should I use forContinue reading “Pursuing Perfection”

Taking the Right Turn…

An interesting thing has happened in one of my classes this semester. We have, as happens every semester, had a few days where the discussion “rook a right turn.” What I mean by that is that we went down the rabbit hole, but it was still related to what were doing in class and learningContinue reading “Taking the Right Turn…”

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