Fording the River

Those of you that have been around the Perfect Chaos Podcast for a little while have read posts that I have submitted in our blogs before from the book …And Then you Die of Dysentery by Lauren Reeves. Now, those of you who have been reading, and are a little younger may find that this book may not be in your references, but those that came up in the Apple II realm absolutely know what I am talking about. That’s right, the Oregon Trail, it has so many life lessons, and while we are not all dying of dysentery, there may be many things that are slowly leaching life away from us.

This blog post I chose the passage from the text that reads, “life is full of options: continue on the trail, check supplies, look at a map, change your pace, change food rations, stop to rest, attempt to trade, talk to people and of course, curse the heavens. Over the last 2 years, Ronda and I have been working through the Perfect Chaos Podcast, and we are looking at the many different options, and then usually host a podcast on that topic. In a recent post on our growing linked in page, I posted a poll on the page referencing our 4 top podcast episodes and realize that in that 16 month window I realized that we had a number of options. Our Episode on Work/life balance was the top episode while other episodes such as Digital Citizenship and Whether to certify or not were coming in close.

It was while looking at these episodes, and coming across this page in the book that I realize, was there additional options in Oregon Trail that we could take control of the make the journey to Oregon easier. So it really made me think, are there options within the Perfect Chaos world that would help you make your journey through the school year easier. We have two great episodes coming up to go along the lines of our prior 31, but is there something you have yet to hear that you think would help. If so, let us know.

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