New Year, New Us?

So, we are back. We think. It’s been a little crazy lately, but we are back to recording and hopefully back to posting. Did anyone else feel like fall 2021 was actually crazier/harder than fall 2020? We sure did. Amidst all the chaos, things were accomplished, but it sure did feel like they were harder than ever before.

That brings me to my thoughts on this New Year, New Me (or Us in our case) that I hear people say every year around this time. I have struggled for years with this concept. Am I supposed to feel like a new person just because the calendar changed? While I don’t really think it works like that, I cannot deny that the beginning of a new semester or going back after a long break seems like a good time to do some classroom resets. Resetting expectations now that you have had a semester with your students (if you are in year long courses) at this point provides an opportunity for both students and educators to reflect on the past semester and how to improve. Making changes to things based on how the previous semester went (in both year long and semester long courses) is really a sign of continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement is kind of the name of the game (although I do realize it is also the current catch phrase for many) in the field of Education. It’s actually, in my opinion, what we should all be striving for daily.

Excellence is a journey…

So what does that mean for us at the Perfect Chaos and what does that mean for you? It means we are still always trying to get better. There is no perfect day in doing what we do. Some days are better than others. Some days the journey of excellence keeps moving and some days it is a win to just make it through the day without duct taping anyone to the wall.

This is winning the day some days…

It means we are trying to get back to getting you weekly episodes and blog posts. It means that just as you may be doing a reset in your classroom (or office or home or diet or whatever), we are going to do a reset and get some more content out there to you. It means we are committed to this crazy thing we created called Perfect Chaos and to helping educators (and others) at all levels.

New Year, New Us doesn’t really ring true because we will continue to be the same people that you have gotten to know. New Year, New Us rings true for Perfect Chaos this year because we are doing a reset and making some new plans to move forward.

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