We’re back, Take 2

You may find yourself asking, what is happening with Perfect Chaos. Well, we have a little news to share….

That’s right. We are back. While we had somethings that had to take priority, we are now able to focus on the podcast again and make sure that we are getting new content put out there for you.

I thought I would hop on and give you guys a few life updates for your Perfect Chaos crew. Enjoy the pictures, but there has been a new addition (peep the puppy pics), a new sport (peep the football pics), and a trip to Disney, among a few other things that were going on since last time we posted. Luckily, all of those things are finished and we are now actively looking at ways to enhance what we do both here and on the podcast.

Those are definitely some of the highlights since we last posted and podcasted. With that being said, what can you look forward to now that we are back? Well, I will be gone next week to the CEEDAR Convening in San Francisco, so I will try to post some more TikToks while I am gone to share both what I’m learning and maybe even some fun in San Fran. We’ve got some new episodes coming out that are going to deal with discipline, Standards, posting your stuff for students/other teachers, AI, cheating, and more! We are also looking at some live podcasting opportunities this summer. Make sure you are giving us feedback, and if there is a topic that you want to hear about make sure you let us know. Our promise is to keep the content coming and to keep it interesting. There will always be an aspect of our chaos making an appearance, but we are hoping the unnecessary chaos is coming to an end.

Until next time,

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