Knowing When It Really Isn’t Worth Your Time

Admittedly, it has been a while since you have heard from us. We addressed that in a podcast a couple of weeks ago, but suffice it to say life just got a little crazy. Now that we are back on track and working to make this the best we can make it, I am comingContinue reading “Knowing When It Really Isn’t Worth Your Time”

Moving beyond perceived limits

If you are a regular listener to our podcast, you may have noticed that David and I have very different personalities. Our differences were actually the inspiration behind our logo. David is much more analytical and structured (although people that have dealt with me on calendar issues might disagree) and I am more the freeContinue reading “Moving beyond perceived limits”

Starting the Spring Semester

I shared something on my facebook page earlier this evening, and I wanted to expound upon it a little bit in this space today. A friend shared the original post which was originally written by his dissertation chair, Dr. Colin McKenzie, Associate Director of Bands at the University of Southern Mississippi. Below is Dr. Mackenzie’sContinue reading “Starting the Spring Semester”

It’s not a Dog and Pony Show, or is it?

Have you ever felt like you were just up there doing the dog and pony show to entertain the students in your class or the administrator that was evaluating you? Can I just tell you how much I absolutely hate that feeling? I went into teaching with the desire to share knowledge, and I canContinue reading “It’s not a Dog and Pony Show, or is it?”