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So…. you may have seen that we are back at the podcast. This time we are trying something new. Video. That’s right, now you can watch me roll my eyes at David right there on YouTube. I am also working on getting us several episodes ahead and getting the TikTok rolling with some new content. I think I am going to try doing my quote of the day on TikTok. This is part of what I have been doing every morning, just trying it in a different way now.

For a while, every morning when I get to work I have been trying to do a gratitude list, quote for the day, and a quick devotional (also when I pray over my students). The problems with that are that I am often hit with something as soon as I walk in the door at work or the fact that I am not in the office every day (especially right now). So, instead, I am going to be posting my gratitude lists on my personal blog and my quotes on TikTok to see if that helps me stay more accountable and share more of my/our thoughts with the world. This goes along with my challenge for next week’s episode, so make sure you tune in for that.

I find myself often thinking about my surroundings lately. I am one of those people that tends to get bored with things easily, and for almost all of my life have not been what one might call girly or high maintenance. I think it is interesting that there is now a whole genre of things that I would have called girly at one point that is simply called aesthetic. I’m not really sure why that interests me so much, but what I have recognized is that I am drawn towards this genre and not because of a girly feeling. Just simply because it looks “soft” to me. I’m not sure what about this appeals to me, it just seems comforting and not panicked.

I am a huge believer in themes and love to theme my classroom, my office, pretty much everything. How much do you think that a theme contributes to the learning that happens in a classroom? Why do we work so hard on themes for younger grades and then gradually decrease the theming as the students get older? One thing that I have done is create a Bitmoji classroom that I share with all of my students through our LMS since I can’t necessarily change the classroom that I am going to use for my classes. In looking at it, I think it is time to change the Bitmoji classroom up a little bit while I am here. Have you created a Bitmoji classroom? If so, share it with us in the comments. I’d love to see them. Also, share your thoughts about the concept of classroom theming. We may have an episode coming up soon with that as the topic, and I would love to share your opinions or research.

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