Perfect Chaos is pleased to offer presentations in multiple different areas of education, pedagogy, educational technology, leadership, data literacy, and EMS education. Some examples of presentations that have been given by the Perfect Chaos team include:

  • Emerging Technologies: Good or Evil? Teachers make the difference by Ronda Blevins
  • Podcasting as Assessment and Beyond
  • Popcorn PD
  • NextGen: Leadership
  • Granted: Increasing Your Budget Through Grants
  • Simulating Your Way to Success
  • Research in EMS
  • Becoming Your Own Psychometrician
  • Failure To Thrive
  • 12 Lead ECG for the Service
  • Advanced EMT Cognitive Examination Review
  • Technology Through Planning, a Very Good Place to Start
  • Finding 30 Extra Minutes in Every School Day
  • Supporting JEPs, It’s Just Different
  • PLC Does NOT stand for Professional Level of Complaining
  • Setting JEPs up for edTPA Success
  • Tech Tools to Enhance Student Learning at ALL Levels
  • Finding 30 Extra Minutes in Every School Day
  • Creating Ubuntu and Ohana within your Job-Embedded Practitioner Program
  • Teaching on Two Planes…Concurrently…While We Build Them
  • Ethics in Education
  • Connect, Create, Collaborate, Succeed!
  • I Just Want Them to Participate
  • Engaging Higher Education Students using Differentiated Instruction
  • The Adobe Connect Experience: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate!,
  • Using Technology to “Flip” Your Hybrid Classroom
  • Where a Kid Can Be a Kid – Using iPads to Increase Outcomes
  • Using iPads to Engage Students in the Classroom

If one of these presentations looks like something you would like to offer your institution, contact us at the form below.

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